Mezze Board - Single Dish

Our Mezze Boards come in 3 sizes, with a size appropriate dish, which can be placed either at the top or the bottom of the board (please select at checkout, when selected bowl colour).

Mini Mezze is (sizeTBC) £38
Large Mezze is (sizeTBC) £48
XL Mezze is (size TBC) £65

Mezze Board - Single Dish

  • Please note that all boards are made using natural products, meaning that no two pieces are the same.  The natural woodgrain varies greatly, even from the same piece of oak, and the colour of each piece once oiled and waxed, differs according to the age of the wood.  None of our pieces are stained.

    We have included measurements for our boards, however, it is important to note that these are approximate, and not definitive, as each piece is handmade.

  • All dishes are microwave and dishwasher proof

    Since all of the dishes are handmade, the glaze will never be exactly the same on any two dishes.  Where there are multiple dishes on a board, every effort will be made to match them appropriately.  We reserve the right to select the appropriate size dish for any particular board, although any sized dish is available to purchase separately.