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We are delighted to have teamed up with be our friends at The Bay Tree Food Company. They have selected a board slightly larger than those we sell directly, which fits well with their chutneys and preserves.

Our Collection

Our aim is to produce beautiful eco-friendly pieces for our homes and kitchens, whilst maintaining as low a carbon footprint as possible.

All our pieces are handmade in our workshop at home in Kent, repurposing reclaimed oak, or using oak offcuts from our local sawmill.

Once made, every board is sealed with four coats of food safe protective oil, and finally finished off with two coats of food safe wax, all applied by hand. As well as enhancing the gorgeous individual woodgrain of each piece, this ensures its longevity, and reduces the need for any regular maintenance. 


Continuing with the eco-friendly approach, our dishes are hand produced especially for us by a Kentish pottery.  This helps to keep all our products Kent based, thus limiting our carbon footprint, as well as ensuring that each board is unique.  Whilst we have chosen a selection of colours for the dishes, no two dishes are the same as the glaze settles differently each time.

We use a vegan friendly faux leather on our products, which is both beautiful and strong, but is for decorative purposes only.